Young people pursuing Jesus

Harbour Youth is for anyone aged 11 – 18 years. We aim to play an active role in the lives of young people, creating environments and conversations that empower our youth and point them to Jesus. There is so much happening for young people across the life of the church

Youth on Sundays

We run Youth at The Ten for school years 6-10. Come and join us while we hang out, play games, and explore our faith together!

In school years 10-13? Come and join us at The Six!

Youth in the week

On Wednesdays, from 7pm-9pm, we have our Older Youth Nights for those in school years 10-13 at our City location. This is a place for young people to hang out together, grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus, and ask all the big questions!

Get in Touch

New or want to know more? We’d love to meet you!